Monday, 12 June 2017

May Resolutions Meeting

MONDAY 8.05.2017

The President welcomed everyone to the meeting which began with Jerusalem.

Katie Reid was thanked for the marvellous evening she provided at our last meeting with her demonstration of how she makes her wonderful jewellery. Don Fossey must also be thanked for his valuable help setting up the new equipment which helped us view the demonstration.

Matters Arising:

Resolutions - Margaret Cook commenced by explaining to us the importance of the WI Resolutions. In the past for example the WI had brought to the Governments attention the benefits of breast screening and as a result, Breast Screening was now available for everyone.  She also explained a little about how the Resolutions voted for by us then go before the NFWI AGM in Liverpool for which we send a representative. This year our representative will be Katie Reid. Once the final Resolutions are agreed, they then go before the Government.

This year we voted for two Resolutions and Margaret Cook then went on to tell us about our first
Resolution which was entitled:

Plastic Soup:  Keep Micro plastic Fibres Out Of Our Oceans – Micro plastic fibres are shed from synthetic clothing with every wash and are the main contributors to micro plastic contamination of our oceans.  The NFWI calls on Government and Industry to research and develop innovative solutions to this problem in order to stop the accumulation of micro plastic fibres in our oceans.

Total Votes For – 23          Against – Nil            Abstain – Nil

Cyndy Firth presented the second Resolution:-

Alleviating Loneliness – This meeting calls on every WI and the NFWI to work alongside health and social care providers and their local community to raise awareness of the causes and impacts of loneliness, thus ensuring better identification of lonely people in order to be able to offer them the appropriate assistance and support.

Total Votes For – 14          Against – 5                Abstain – 2

It was Voted For to give Katie Reid discretion to vote at the NFWI meeting on both Resolutions.

Mollies curry lunch was a great success and raised 86,260 Kenyan shillings (£661)!  Members were thanked for the wonderful puddings provided and Molly confirmed she has an unclaimed pudding bowl.  Mollie was thanked for all her effort in providing yet another delightful curry lunch.

Margaret Shaddock was presented with flowers for her tireless hard work on behalf of all the Art Club members.

Pam Eaves has kindly agreed to be co-ordinator of the WFWI Creative Activities to be held on 17.10.17. She would like members' help and will be setting up a Group to take this venture further. There are various categories including Novice Floral Art, Craft, Trio of Preserves, Cookery, Photography, Art etc. The categories have to ready by July so any members who would like to get involved should please contact Pam.

Shirley Hunt reported on the Forest Group Meeting held the previous Friday evening.  There was a most informative talk and slide show on the history of the Stourport canals by members of the Bramble Trust. The Mitton Group provided a splendid tea and an excellent evening was
had by all.  A letter of thanks will be sent to the Mitton Group.

Lesley's Bluebell walk on Thursday 4th May at Shrawley Woods was reported an enjoyable outing.  The weather was good and the bluebells were at their best.  The walk was followed by lunch at The New Inn.  A big thank you was given to Lesley for organising it.

Prospective New Speakers Events
Thursday 28 September 7-9.30 pm at Peopleton Village Hall, £6 per member

Go-Karting and Crossbow Sports Taster Day
Thursday 14 September, 10am at The March Hare Leisure at Broughton Hackett, Members £40, Non-members £42.

Stand Up and Be Heard!!!!,
Saturday 23 September at WI House, 10am to 3pm - £17 Members incl. Lunch and refreshments.

Talking for the Terrified
Friday 7 July, 10am to 12noon at WI House – Members £7.

Future Events:

    Laskett Gardens, (Sir Roy Strong) Hereford, Thursday 15 June 11.45 AKVH, 12 noon Lickhill.  More people are needed.  Other WI s are to be asked if they would like to join us.
    Lovells Vineyard, Malvern – This trip is full but Ann is still waiting for payment from some members.
    Whistle Down the Wind  at The Swan Theatre is all paid for and we can now go ahead and book the tickets.

Katie Reid confirmed there are still tickets available for War Horse

The meeting broke for refreshments. The tea hostesses were Jan Taylor, Katie Reynolds and Ann Bailey.

A Mock Auction was held.

Any Other Business

A letter was read from Pam Stubbs thanking us for the lovely card and flowers she had received during her illness.

The monthly competition was won by Alison Hastings and Ann Lakin came second.

Margaret Cook was thanked for kindly providing a beautiful flower arrangement for the table.

The Art Group were thanked for displaying wonderful pictures for us all to view.

The meeting finished at 9.50 am.

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