Monday, 12 June 2017

Liverpool AGM 2017

My name is Katie Reid and as the link delegate for Areley Kings, Astley and Mitton WI in Worcestershire I went to Liverpool for the NFWI Annual General Meeting.
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It was held at the ECHO Arena. Although it was very windy the rain held off for the day. 
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From Monday 12 June WI members with an email address registered on the MCS will begin to receive instructions explaining how to set a password that will give them access to both the MCS and ‘My WI’, the dedicated WI membership site.

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The AGM was a lot of fun the speakers were fantastic we had Jo Fairley former owner of Green & Black's Fair Trade Chocolate.
jo fairley
 this was a great talk about how are teacher at school had said she would not amount to anything.  It was this comment that put "rocket fuel in her" to make something of herself.A very inspiring lady.

The other speaker was Suzie Dent of Countdown fame.

Susie Dent.png

Suzie is a lexicographer and etymologist. A very interesting talk about the origin of words and where they came from and how they come to be.

We then voted on the resolutions where the results are below.

2017: Annual Meeting Resolutions

At the NFWI Annual Meeting in Liverpool on 7 June 2017 delegates voted to pass two resolutions, which will both now form the basis of new NFWI campaigns.
The NFWI will be putting together campaign action packs for both of these new campaigns that will include background to the campaign, as well as ideas for how members can get involved. If you would like a copy of either of the action packs, or more information please contact the Public Affairs Department.

Plastic soup: Keep microplastic fibers out of our oceans

Microplastic fibers are shed from synthetic clothing with every wash and are the main contributors to microplastic contamination of the oceans. The NFWI calls on Government and industry to research and develop innovative solutions to this problem in order to stop the accumulation of microplastic fibers in our oceans.
Ashley Green WI, Buckinghamshire Federation

The resolution was passed with 98.9% of the vote.

Votes cast in favour: 6132. Votes cast against: 157

Delegates voted to pass the above resolution which calls on the UK Government and industry to take action to address the problem of microplastic contamination of our oceans by supporting and developing innovative solutions. Microplastic fibres are released from synthetic clothing every time it is washed. As they are so small they aren't caught by filtration equipment and can end up in our oceans where they are ingested by marine wildlife.

Alleviating loneliness

This meeting calls on every WI and the NFWI to work alongside health and social care providers and their local communities to raise awareness of the causes and impacts of loneliness, thus ensuring better identification of lonely people in order to be able to offer them the appropriate support and assistance.  
North Cave WI, East Yorkshire Federation

The resolution was passed with 69.3% of the vote.
Votes cast in favour: 4334. Votes cast against: 1919

Delegates voted in support of this year’s NFWI resolution to ‘alleviate loneliness’. The resolution seeks to ensure that people who are lonely, or at risk of loneliness, are identified at the earliest possible opportunity to enable them to access the appropriate support and assistance. It calls on every WI and the NFWI to work in partnership with health and social care providers and their local communities to raise awareness of the causes and impacts of loneliness to help achieve this.

We were then entertained by the marvellous band called The Retros. Everyone got up to dance. A great way to finish a great AGM. 

We said goodbye to our Chair Janice Langley and welcomed Lynne Stubbings as the new Chair.

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The new trustees for National are

Chair Lynne Stubbings 
Hon Treasurer Julia Roberts 
 Vice Chair Ann Jones 
 Vice Chair Pat Tulip

Chair Pat Tulip 
Mary Clarke, Jeryl Stone, Amanda Willday, Sue Wilson

Chair Sue Wilson 
Catriona Adams, Sally Kingman, Mair Stephens

Chair Julia Roberts 
 Officers, Chair of WIE, Chair of Denman, Hilary Haworth, Sally Kingman, Mair Stephens

Food & Garden 
 Chair Mary Clarke 
 Catriona Adams, Yvonne Price, Jeryl Stone

Membership Development 
Chair Amanda Willday 
Sally Kingman, Yvonne Price, Sue Wilson

Public Affairs 
Chair Ann Jones 
Mary Clarke, Hilary Haworth, Amanda Willday

Science & Leisure 
Chair Catriona Adams 
Hilary Haworth, Yvonne Price, Jeryl Stone

I had a great time and I do hope I have lived up to the job of being the link delegate for this years AGM.  I now pass that torch on to thew next WI gruop and wish luck to the next Link Delegate for the meeting in Cardiff next year.

May Resolutions Meeting

MONDAY 8.05.2017

The President welcomed everyone to the meeting which began with Jerusalem.

Katie Reid was thanked for the marvellous evening she provided at our last meeting with her demonstration of how she makes her wonderful jewellery. Don Fossey must also be thanked for his valuable help setting up the new equipment which helped us view the demonstration.

Matters Arising:

Resolutions - Margaret Cook commenced by explaining to us the importance of the WI Resolutions. In the past for example the WI had brought to the Governments attention the benefits of breast screening and as a result, Breast Screening was now available for everyone.  She also explained a little about how the Resolutions voted for by us then go before the NFWI AGM in Liverpool for which we send a representative. This year our representative will be Katie Reid. Once the final Resolutions are agreed, they then go before the Government.

This year we voted for two Resolutions and Margaret Cook then went on to tell us about our first
Resolution which was entitled:

Plastic Soup:  Keep Micro plastic Fibres Out Of Our Oceans – Micro plastic fibres are shed from synthetic clothing with every wash and are the main contributors to micro plastic contamination of our oceans.  The NFWI calls on Government and Industry to research and develop innovative solutions to this problem in order to stop the accumulation of micro plastic fibres in our oceans.

Total Votes For – 23          Against – Nil            Abstain – Nil

Cyndy Firth presented the second Resolution:-

Alleviating Loneliness – This meeting calls on every WI and the NFWI to work alongside health and social care providers and their local community to raise awareness of the causes and impacts of loneliness, thus ensuring better identification of lonely people in order to be able to offer them the appropriate assistance and support.

Total Votes For – 14          Against – 5                Abstain – 2

It was Voted For to give Katie Reid discretion to vote at the NFWI meeting on both Resolutions.

Mollies curry lunch was a great success and raised 86,260 Kenyan shillings (£661)!  Members were thanked for the wonderful puddings provided and Molly confirmed she has an unclaimed pudding bowl.  Mollie was thanked for all her effort in providing yet another delightful curry lunch.

Margaret Shaddock was presented with flowers for her tireless hard work on behalf of all the Art Club members.

Pam Eaves has kindly agreed to be co-ordinator of the WFWI Creative Activities to be held on 17.10.17. She would like members' help and will be setting up a Group to take this venture further. There are various categories including Novice Floral Art, Craft, Trio of Preserves, Cookery, Photography, Art etc. The categories have to ready by July so any members who would like to get involved should please contact Pam.

Shirley Hunt reported on the Forest Group Meeting held the previous Friday evening.  There was a most informative talk and slide show on the history of the Stourport canals by members of the Bramble Trust. The Mitton Group provided a splendid tea and an excellent evening was
had by all.  A letter of thanks will be sent to the Mitton Group.

Lesley's Bluebell walk on Thursday 4th May at Shrawley Woods was reported an enjoyable outing.  The weather was good and the bluebells were at their best.  The walk was followed by lunch at The New Inn.  A big thank you was given to Lesley for organising it.

Prospective New Speakers Events
Thursday 28 September 7-9.30 pm at Peopleton Village Hall, £6 per member

Go-Karting and Crossbow Sports Taster Day
Thursday 14 September, 10am at The March Hare Leisure at Broughton Hackett, Members £40, Non-members £42.

Stand Up and Be Heard!!!!,
Saturday 23 September at WI House, 10am to 3pm - £17 Members incl. Lunch and refreshments.

Talking for the Terrified
Friday 7 July, 10am to 12noon at WI House – Members £7.

Future Events:

    Laskett Gardens, (Sir Roy Strong) Hereford, Thursday 15 June 11.45 AKVH, 12 noon Lickhill.  More people are needed.  Other WI s are to be asked if they would like to join us.
    Lovells Vineyard, Malvern – This trip is full but Ann is still waiting for payment from some members.
    Whistle Down the Wind  at The Swan Theatre is all paid for and we can now go ahead and book the tickets.

Katie Reid confirmed there are still tickets available for War Horse

The meeting broke for refreshments. The tea hostesses were Jan Taylor, Katie Reynolds and Ann Bailey.

A Mock Auction was held.

Any Other Business

A letter was read from Pam Stubbs thanking us for the lovely card and flowers she had received during her illness.

The monthly competition was won by Alison Hastings and Ann Lakin came second.

Margaret Cook was thanked for kindly providing a beautiful flower arrangement for the table.

The Art Group were thanked for displaying wonderful pictures for us all to view.

The meeting finished at 9.50 am.

April Meeting

Record of
Areley Kings W.I. 
Meeting Monday 10 April 2017

The President welcomed everyone to the meeting, which began with Jerusalem.

The Demonstrator for the evening was our member Katie Reid.  Mr Don Fossey from the hall management team was on hand and had set up the new equipment so that Katie and her demonstration table were shown on the large screen behind her.

She had set up a wonderful display of her jewellery.

She is a guest designer on the TV shopping channel ‘Jewellery Maker’.  The TV studio is in an old mansion, Ivy House near Redditch.

Katie had given out strings of beads of semi precious stones for us to try threading to make a bracelet.  The stones included rose quartz, labradorite, lapis lazuli, amethyst, glass pearls and vegan pearls.  There was much hilarity as the beads were bouncing everywhere due to the lack of dexterity on our part mostly.

Katie’s pieces on display were much admired and we all enjoyed the presentation.

Cyndy gave a sincere vote of thanks.  

Matters Arising:

                                 i.            A list was sent round for members to enter emergency contact details.
                               ii.            Money from the sale of the National raffle tickets to be returned to Paula Wood.
                             iii.            A coordinator for the Annual Creative Activities Competition is still needed.
                             iv.            Details of the Lady Denman Cup Competition were given out.
                               v.            Bucket List Ideas.
·         Back to Back houses in Birmingham.  Our Secretary has been.  It is very interesting but there are a lot of stairs to go up and down as there are 3 houses.
·         Black Country Museum – Members thought this would be a tiring expedition.
·         Witley Court Tour of underground cellars. Is on Sunday 16th July £6.
·         Visit to Le Manoir Aux Quat’saisons restaurant near Oxford (Raymond Blanc).  There was no interest at the meeting

1.                   WI Facebook and Twitter training
Saturday 20 May 10-2.30 or 1.3.30 £7 for 2 members
2.                   WI Gmail Account training
Saturday 24 June 10 -12.30 £7 for 2 members
3.                    WI Website Workshop
Saturday 8 July 10 – 12.30pm £7 for 2 members
4.                   Programme planning and Media Reports
Wed 14 June 9.45 3.15 £10 for 2 members
5.                   Trip to Salisbury Museum – Spoons – A Stirring Tale Exhibition
Thursday 27 July £22
8.            Fascination of 21st Century Science Lecture
                Thursday 20 July £7 members from 7pm

9.            Worcestershire Riverside Town visit – Upton upon Severn
                Thursday 13 and Tuesday 25 July 2017 7pm members only £10
10.          WFWI Board of Trustees – October 2017 – October 2019 Nomination Form. - Cyndy
11.          Worcestershire WI ART, Summer Art Days 2017
12.          WI and IAM RoadSmart  - Driving Days
13.          Visit to National Gallary, London to see Female artists

Treasurer’s Report:

                Lesley reported that 2 bursaries have been paid in the last two months. One was outstanding from last year.

                2016 had been a very expensive year for us, due to our 90th Birthday celebrations.  As our birthday is in November the expenses occurred after the Treasurer had completed the annual balance sheet at the end of September.  Therefore the expenses will show on this years account.  We were urged to do some fundraising!

Several members were willing to receive the County Newsletter by email.

Future Events:

1.    Mollie’s curry lunch, Thursday 20th April £10, several members to make desserts.
2.    Lovells Vineyard, Malvern.  Thursday 27th July leaving AKVH at 5pm.  Cost approx. £21 to include supper.
3.    Bluebell walk and lunch, Shrawley Thursday 4th May.  Meet 11.30 at New Inn.
4.    Laskett Gardens, (Sir. Roy Strong) Hereford, Thursday 15th June 11.45 AKVH, 1200 Lickhill.
5.    Swan Theatre to see “Whistle Down the Wind” on Sat 5th August, £12 

The meeting broke for delicious refreshments.  The tea hostesses were Patsy Anderson, Pam Sheward and Chris Steadman.

Any Other Business

Margaret Cook gave a vote of thanks to Margaret Shaddock.  She has run the Art Group since 1993 and sadly it is time to retire.  It has been a rewarding experience for all who attended.  They have made friends, exchanged ideas and learnt much more that just art techniques.

Hopefully the group will continue under the guidance of Chris Steadman.  They all owe their enjoyment of art to Miss Shaddock and Katie said she was motivated to take her History of Art Degree by this class.  Katie is working on her degree currently.

It was decided to hold a ‘Mock Auction’ at the May meeting as a fund raiser.

The monthly competition for an unusual piece of jewellery was won by:

                     Lyn Edwards                                   Margaret Cook                   Ann Lakin

Pam Sheward was thanked for providing lovely table flowers.

Next months meeting, Monday 8th May 7.30pm

The meeting closed at 10pm.

March Meeting

Record of
Areley Kings W.I. 
Meeting Monday 13 March 2017

The meeting began with Jerusalem

President, Cyndy Firth welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Matters Arising:

1.       Everyone had enjoyed the talk from Bob Hemming.  He was an avid quizzer and had entered many quizzes on the radio and TV, including Mastermind twice and getting to the semi-finals.

2.        Cyndy announced that £1,200 had been raised for St Richard’s Hospice from the donations at Jacqui Clark’s funeral.

3.       First Aider Training – The local branches of St John’s Ambulance having closed, we are unable to organise any training.  A list to go round the members for them to add their emergency contact numbers.  Margaret Cook said someone came to the cricket club to demonstrate first aid.  She will investigate.

4.       Several ‘Bucket List’ requests were read out:

                                 i.            Visit to Lovells Vineyard has been arranged for 27th July, 16 members showed interest and Faye will check costs of a small coach.
                               ii.            Back to Back Houses, Birmingham, Katie investigating.
                             iii.            Stourbridge Glass Museum.
                             iv.            Charlcote House.
                               v.            Bluebell walk and lunch, 16 members interested.
                             vi.            Sir Roy Strong’s garden in Herefordshire – 25 members interested.  Patsy investigating.
                           vii.            Witley Court, tour of underground.  Faye investigating but there is a steep spiral staircase to negotiate!

5.       It was announced that sadly, Katie’s entry into the Mary Bell competition, of a media presentation, was not successful.  They said it showed good technological skills.

1                    Denman Worcestershire Federation Weekend 16-18 March 2018

with list of courses available and application form.
2                    Sing AKVH 24 June 17 10.30 – 3pm £12.50.
3                    A way with watercolours Monday 15 May 10.30 – 4pm Stoke Prior Bromsgrove £23 members non members £25.
4                    Bulb Scheme Autumn Catalogue with order form.
5                    WFWI County Newsletter subscription 2017/18.
6                    Lady Denman Cup Competition 2017.  Inspired by the Climate Change Campaign For the Love of…
7                    WFWI Creative Activities Competition at the WFWI Annual Council Meeting.  Malvern Showground Tuesday 17 October 2017 (Coordinator required)
8                    New Denman Course Brochure for 2017-2018 received.  
9                    WI Raffle Tickets 2017 will be available next month.
10                Our Treasurer, Lesley Smith has been elected to be Forest Group Treasurer and Joyce Williams of Far Forest WI was voted in as Forest Group Coordinator.  The resolution re ‘Micro Beads’ has been added to the Agenda for the National AGM.

The President introduced the speaker, Di Brothwell.  She was trained as a Home Economics teacher and has developed her skills with cake decorating over the years.  She is well known locally.  She brought some exquisite examples of sugarcraft flowers to show. 

This evening she demonstrated making Easter novelties, using Cadbury cream eggs, she added coloured marzipan to make a lion, a frog and a pink elephant.  They were all delightful.

Mary Arden Davies gave a very good vote of thanks.

Lovely refreshments were served by the tea hostesses, Lorrie Parfitt, Di Parkes and Pam Roberts.

Treasurer’s Report: -

Lesley reported we have 43 full members and 2 dual members.

A letter of thanks has been received from Marjorie Whiting, County Chairman, for the £210 we sent to the Denman College Appeal.

Future Events:

1.    Forest Group Spring Group meeting, Friday 28th April 7.00pm at AKVH, hosted by Mitton WI.
2.    Mollie’s curry lunch, Thursday 20th April 12.30pm at AKVH £10, 9 members offered to make desserts.
3.    Katie will attend the ‘new speakers’ event on 1st June.
4.    A proposed visit to see “Whistle Down the Wind” at the Swan, Worcester on Sat 5th August, £12 9 members interested.

Any Other Business

1.       Patsy Anderson was presented with the Skittles trophy for highest scores this season.
2.       Cyndy read out the schedule for the Home Economics and Craft competition at Malvern in October.  The theme is A Festival of colour

Cyndy asked for a volunteer to coordinate our entries – hopefully someone will come forward. (At the end of the meeting Pam Eves asked for 2 copies of the programme, one for herself and one for Carla Walters as they may be interested).

Cyndy thanked Pam Eves for the lovely arrangement of daffodils which had graced the President’s table during the meeting.  It was given to the raffle and of course was the first prize to be taken.

Members were reminded that next months speaker was our own Katie Reid on Jewellery making and the meetings would return to our normal start time of 7.30pm.

After voting was taken at February and March meetings regarding the singing of Jerusalem at every meeting, the majority were in favour of continuing to sing.

The meeting closed at 9.30pm.