Thursday, 12 May 2016

Resolutions Meeting

  Meeting on Monday 9th May 2016
Apologies    Barbara Hughes, Linda Lane, Betty Barrret, Betty Bickerton, Margaret Shaddock & Dallas Henderson
Welcome – including visitor Christine Brierley from Cheshire and Sheila Bishop of Hartlebury WI
Thanks from Patsy to Cindy for taking the  previous months meeting in her absence. She went on to tell members of the accident our oldest member, Margaret Shaddock, who when parking her car on a slope and the handbrake releasing,  the car running over her arm and shoulder.  Thankfully she is not badly hurt but very bruised.  But her indomitable spirit is shining through.  Patsy will send flowers and a card from the WI
Matters Arising               
 Last month’s speaker  was not up to standard and County have notified County as to our dissatisfaction
Patchwork, Art Group and Knit and Natter gave an  exhibition of work, which was admired by everyone.
Trip to Needle Museum huge success everyone full of praise for their reception.
Trip to Theatre -again very uplifting performance
County Meeting bit disappointing but the Naval display excellent. It was announced that Pat Jewkes will be the new Adviser for Forest Group.
Walk on 27th April enjoyed despite the inclement weather – it started with a hailstorm which then left sunshine for a very pleasant walk  The next walk has been cancelled due to lack of response.
Di Parkes gave a report on the Group Meeting at Heightington WI which 6 members attended. Sadly this WI may be folding after their AGM tonight, Patsy offered a warm welcome to any members who would like to come to our WI.
Summer Soiree 25th June Hartlebury Castle – Vox in Frox £18 
Good Food Show at NEC 16th June tickets £30 
Explore Bewdley July 19 £12 
Secretary get together - would anyone like to go
Prostitution to the Pill  at Worcester University  on 29th September
Crochet classes  at WI house on 3rd and 6th September
Lunch with speaker  - Jo Toye, script writer for the Archers Radio programme, at The Holt Fleet Inn 13th Octobe
Christmas Market trip
Skittles entry form  -we are entering next year
Future Events
90th Birthday Celebrations  menu from Hop Pole , have decided to accept their menu with a few adjustments.
Trip to Ralph Court Gardens  will leave Lickill at 11.15 and Areley Kings at 11.30
Summer Outing    - Waddesdon Manor  will be on Wednesday 13th July.
Mollies curry lunch – request for puddings was promptly answered by nine members -Margaret Coook, Paula Wood, Pat gale, Ann Bailey, Mary Wehner, Pam Stubbs, Cheery Greaves and Patsy Anderson.
Flag for birthday   more entrants would like to take part so closing date has been extended to next meeting.
Garden Party – date and venue are still to be decided as Mollie's kind offer, although in a stunning location was thought to be too difficult to access.
Theatre trip in Sept – Blood Brothers or Gilbert & Sullivan were offered and the Gilbert & Sullivan proved most popular.  Patsy will enquire as to numbers required for a group booking
Kate will show members her first draft of the Digital Diary of the WI contribution to the local community during the refreshment break.
Anne  presented the resolution on Avoid Food Waste, Address Food Poverty
The WI calls on all supermarkets to sign up to a voluntary agreement to avoid food waste, thereby passing surplus food on to charities thus helping to address the issue of increasing food poverty in the UK
Jacki presented  Appropriate care in hospital for people with dementia
We call upon HM Government and the NHS to provide facilities to enble carers to stay with people with Alzheimer's disease and dementia that have been admitted into hospital
Following the presentation  of the facts as provided by National and the resolution meeting held in April a lively discussion took part before the vote was taken  Resolution 1 Food Wast not Foot Poverty For 13   Against 7 votes
Resolution 2 care for dementia patients in hospital    For 27 Against Nil
Discretion was granted to the delegate   Jacki will forward the result sheet to Mitton WI
Denman Appeal   Patsy explained what this is about and asked members to give the matter some thought and it will be discussed in full at the next meeting.
Following a break for refreshments      Patsy gave the following notices- Mitton WI are holding a Fashion Show on Friday 20th May
Far Forest Countryside Show offer a trophy for WI entries which currently only Far Forest WI enter. At the group meeting they asked that other Wi's in the group also enter thus giving them some competition.  The co-operative entry is a Tea Tray to Celebrate the 90th Birthday of HM The Queen and we have decided to take up the challenge.  Further classes will be announced shortly.
Patsy brought our attention to a community project to provide feminine products for girls in countries where they are not readily available. Further details can be found from the website for FEMpads ( a Worcs based  project) on www.
Who am I?  Members had been asked to note something that other members would not know about them. These were sealed in envelopes and given out at random to members present, then opened and read out for members to guess to whom the facts related.  This proved very entertaining and a great variety of facts came to the for of which the following are a taster.  Ann Shorthall had fallen in a vicar's pond while her mother was working for the vicar as a cleaner and had to run home to her father dripping  wet. As a young child Pauline Hadwell had pushed another child into a pond,  and even her friend of 50+ years was unaware of the guilty secret for which she was severely punished. One of our 'quieter' members , Gill Brent, had been a ballerina, and at the ripe old age of 62 took the highest thrill ride in Las Vagas which was situated on the top of Hotel Stratosphere. Back down to earth Daphne Nealon attended a reception at St James Palace with Princess Anne to thank her for 20years service to the Citizen's Advice Bureau.  And there were several more before time beat us. So the rest are being held to fill in at future meetings.
Competition for a flower arrangement in a jam jar was won by Ann Lakin with Faye Filmore 2nd and  3rd  Pauline Hadwell
Thanks were given to the 'Tea Ladies' Pauline Hadwell, Chris Steadman and Ann Bailey and to Paula Wood for the beautiful vase of carnations for the Presidents Table
Jacki asked everyone to join her in wishing Patsy well in her forthcoming Chemotherapy treatment and in welcoming Margaret back to the meeting following her hospital treatment

The meeting closed at 10.05pm

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