Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Areley Kings WI Gallery

AGM Meeting Nove 9th 2015

Meeting Monday 9th November 2015 and AGM

Patsy welcomed everyone to our meeting, including guests Pat Jewkes (WIA) and Betty Bell our guest speaker. We then all stood for the singing of Jerusalem,

Matters Arising

Last month’s meeting. Speaker Chris Westwood on One stroke painting. Everyone thought she had been an interesting speaker and several members expressed interest in taking a class in the new year. (Pam Sheward, Pam Eves, Margaret Cook, Betty Bickerton, & Liz Slough) Pam Eves offered use of her workroom for the class.

Walk Jubilee gardens Bewdley 28th October, this walk had been very much enjoyed and ended with the almost obligatory lunch at Bewdley Museum cafe.

County Annual Meeting . Anne Freeston, our delegate, gave a comprehensive report on the days’ events, which she obviously enjoyed, she said the speakers had been very interesting and there was a lot to see during the lunch break, which seemed all too short to fit everything in. Janice Langley, National Chairman, had given an amusing insight to the etiquette surrounding the visit of HM The Queen to the 100th AGM at the Albert Hall and the protocols involved. Florist Jan Oliver had given an insight of her rags to riches and back to rags career as a celebrity florist which had fallen apart when she had been robbed of her money by a ‘friend’, and how she has rebuilt her career as a florist using only British Flowers. The day ended with a very interesting insight of life as a female pilot by Mandy Hickson, flying tornado jets for the RAF over Iraq, now having retired from the RAF has a career as a speaker. Anne encouraged everyone to attend next year.

Lin Edwards reported back on the results of the craft and flower entries at the meeting, entries being Floral Art – Pam Eves 17.5 out of 20, Novice Cookery – Ann Lakin with an apple based cake 18 points, Margaret Cook with Apple based with shortcrust pastry who received 13 points – marked down as she forgot to put out the recipe she had used in the hubbub of getting the entries in. Patsy with 18.5 and 2nd position for her apple chutney, and again 18 points and Highly Commended for her apple and damson jam. Jacki got 18.5 for her child’s cardigan in Novice useful craft item and Lesley 16 for her knitted throw being beaten by a padded coat hanger!. Photography gained Margaret 10 points. Our WI Artist Chris Steadman won 1st prize for her stunning painting of an eagle. Pauline entered the brown paper decorated parcel but failed to be placed and the co-operative based on The Calendar Girls by Margaret, Katie, Lorrie and Betty came 3rd. All in all the WI came 2nd only 2.5 points behind the overall winners Ashton Under Line. Lin and Margaret were thanked for all their effort in co-ordinating the entries and the early morning trip to take them to Malvern. Everyone who entered was also thanked for their hard work.

Autumn Group Meeting Thurs 22nd Oct, Astley , Report given by Faye on the meeting whose theme was Tudor Times. The entertainment was provided by 2 ladies dressed in Tudor Costume who performed songs and playlets based on Tudor times involving some of the WI members. A Quiz on the tables was won by Areley Kings and they also came 2nd

We then moved to the AGM and Patsy welcomed WIA Pat Jewkes who had come to preside over the meeting. She said of the 10 committee members only one was leaving – Katie, who is undertaking an Open University Course, so there were 3 vacancies for one of which Ann Lakin had offered to stand. There being no further volunteers this as agreed.
Secretary’s Report was given by Jacki copy attached to end of these minutes
Treasurer’s Report

Lesley reported that exceptionally receipts of £ 7158.57 and payment of £7275.12 had left us with a deficit over the year of -£116.55, but we still had a bank balance of £ ------------. Lesley thanked Patsy for all their help in the
changeover of treasurer and Anne for her accuracy in taking monies for events which made the accounting very easy. The accounts had been audited by John Neale who had been given a bottle of whikey as he had refused payment. She proposed John was appointed again as Auditor for the following year this was seconded by Pauline Hadwell and agreed by all.

Lesley said that next year’s Affiliation fees could be made by bank transfer if anyone wanted to do this to see her for details.
Lesley proposed the acceptance of the accounts and this was seconded by Pauline and unanimously agreed.

Patsy thanked Lesley for all her hard work and said that in accordance with last year’s appointment we had to pass a Bye Law to validate Lesley’s position, as she had also been Treasurer at Abberley Clockwatchers WI and this was passed unanimously.
Presidents report also attached to end of these minutes.

Pat Jewkes then passed out papers for the meeting to appoint their President for the coming year from the committee members, and this was agreed to be Patsy for her final term. She went on to congratulate the WI in it’s enthusiasm and vibrancy and said she admired our competition entries and the results and went on to judge the Themed Tray entries.

First prize went to Pam, Ann and Cherry for their Invitation to a garden tea, 2nd was Anne, Lesley and Ann, and 3rd Pauline. This year we had 5 very desirable entries.
Then Mollie gave a Vote of thanks to Patsy for all her hard work during the year, her visits to sick members and her enthusiasm for all WI events which led her to volunteer for numerous tasks.

Margaret thanked Pat Jewkes for attending as WIA and hoped she had enjoyed her evening. She was also presented with a tin of biscuits.

Patsy then closed the AGM and welcomed our guest Betty Bell a WI member and VCO of 60 years membership with Hartlebury WI who was being interviewed by Mary Wehner on some of the memories of her early years in the WI.
Betty is the wife of a local fruit farmer Robert Bell and moved to the area from Cheshire when she married Robert in the 1950’s. She met Olive Odell and was invited to join Hartlebury WI as a way of making friends in the area. Betty said in those days one had to be nominated to become and member and was vetted first. She found her first meeting quite boring – listening to reports etc, but persevered and went a second time and enjoyed this more. She soon became a member of their committee and was appointed Treasurer, much to her husband’s amazement! She managed this role for 12 months then thankfully moved to the role of Programme secretary which she thoroughly enjoyed. 

During this time she took the WI to Wedgewood factory in Stoke on Trent and to visit the first supermarket in Solihull – Sainsbury’s – where the ways a supermarket operated were explained to the members, they being used to the local town grocer where one would take a seat while their order was assembled the delivered to their door. Betty told of how their President, Mrs Richardson ( everyone being addressed by their marital title in those days), had been in the role for 12 years, before someone else was allowed to take in the position. Among the speakers the WI had were a lady talking about the wonders of ‘Formica’ a (then) very new wipe able surface being introduced to kitchen surfaces. In March 1970 she was approached by County Executive to become a VCO (now WIA) and was honoured to accept the position which involved a week’s training at Denman where each person had to give a 3 minute talk. She remembers being fascinated by a talk on Victorian Lamp posts and gave her talk on Charlie the pet Partridge and his relationship with the family gundog. The partridge had been raised from an egg by her daughter and the dog was besotted with him. As a VCO she was also asked to judge a WI competition this time for making jam only to find the winner had used strawberries from her own fruit farm!. There followed numerous anecdotes which amused us for quite some time before it was agreed she should join us for refreshments having
thoroughly entertained us. Patsy gave her a vote of thanks and presented her and Mary with a tin of biscuits which Betty noted was beautifully wrapped as becomes the WI.
Presentation of Cups

Patsy presented the cup for the co-operative for the Themed tray to Pam, Ann and Cherry and the Points Cup for attendance and points won in the competition to Lyn Edwards for a 3rd year running. M
Margaret was thanked by Patsy for keeping a running total of points over the year.

Future Events

Homestart are holding a flower demonstration at the village hall tomorrow night Cost £8
On Nov 18th members will visit the Hive for a day of WI during the War years
19th Novemebr members will attend a performance of Jenny Eclair one woman show.
Bewdley WI are holding a Barn Dance on 11th December

Advance notice of post Christmas lunch at Green’s restaurant Wharton Park Golf club on Jan 18th cast £23.
Walk on Nov 28th from Hartlebury Common starting from Wilden Top Car Park at 1.30pm
Next month’s meeting
One Christmas Card donations will go to Acorns Children’s Hospice in Worcester.
Competition A Christmas Tale in no more than 300 words

Speaker Andrew Crabtree with songs from Braodway Shows.

The raffle was drawn and the meeting closed at 10.15pm

October 12th Meeting

Tonight's meeting was fascinating. We had a talk from Christine Westwood and she was demonstrating One Stroke Painting.

Above is what Christine had made whilst demonstrating The one Stroke Painting 

There was also a competition for a photograph of a Tudor building for the up and coming county competition. 

Our monthly competition was to paint anything we liked on a postcard and Christine judged them.

Jackie Came first , Chris Second and Margaret Third. Well done to all who entered.

Our Next Meeting will be on November 9th at 7,30 this will be our AGM.
Hope to see you there.